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Our Roots

NuYo Bodega- Caribbean Soul Food. Puerto Rican Cuisine. Plant Foods, Vegan Options. 

Puerto Rican NYC vibe cuisine with a modern twist to accommodate healthy living & Vegan lifestyles in Los Angeles 
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Created by an innovative chef, single-mother, and successful business woman, NuYo Bodega is a delicious take on a New York style bodega. Los Angeles has a taste of New York in the heart of the city, with a twist. After starting off as a typical bodega menu from back home, Ms. Figueroa had adapted her menu to cater to the health needs and dietary desires of more people everyday. The vegan options began to become more popular over Ms. Figueroa's first year of operations and eventually the demand required her to go fully vegan. NuYo Bodega has grown over the last year through the challenges COVID-19 has brought to our communities. NuYo's success is thanks to the innovative and adaptive recipes that Chef Natasha has personally created!


Small business


single mother

Puerto Rican


Being an owner isn't easy. It took a whole change of lifestyle and professions, I've had to pick up a second job to make ends meet. In researching, I noticed a high demand in the food industry. I had no idea what working in the food industry would entail, but I took a leap of faith and submitted some applications. I cried on the bus that day, worried about maintaining two jobs and being able to spend time with my daughters and give them the love and attention they deserve. I was in survival mode, though and had to remind myself that all these changes and transitions were not only steps to help myself grow, but moves I had to make for my family’s well being. On that note, I took a job at a corporate restaurant. That’s where I really learned the service industry in depth. I gained culinary skills such as awareness of temperatures and cook times, food safety, bartending and serving, and other valuable skills. Later, I moved on to work for a small Vegan restaurant, that transitioned over to cater to a Paleo & Vegetarian diet.  All of these experiences have cumulatively birthed Nuyo Bodega. I was inspired by the corner bodega stores on NYC streets where I would get a buttered roll with coffee, midnight chopped cheese sandwiches, and heroes to go on my way to school. For dinner, I would hit up the Cuchifrito, “Puerto Rican Soul Food". All these meals were prepared in 15 minutes or less. Check out our Menu. At NuYo Bodega we tend to switch menu items up… we crave different flavors and then we execute! Let us know some of your favorite Caribbean dishes on our social media sites. 

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